Meido Kafe Craze!

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Okaerinasaimase, goshujinsama"

Imagine these cute Japanese girls in maid or lolita costume and greets you like that with a sweet voice in a cafe. Then serves you with tea and slowly stir it for you. If I would experience something like that then I can already die happily. Seriously!

Meido Kafe or Maid Cafe is taking not only Japan but also different parts of the world by storm! Maid Cafe's are so popular right now that almost all of cafe's in Japan are maid cafe, if not then lies in the same category. Due to the fact that most of the people in japan are otakus, a smart businessman thinked of a way how to make a profit out of them. And so the meido craze begun!

In maid cafes, typical manga-style maids serve tea and cakes. Unlike "ordinary" cafés, maids serve customers as if they were their masters. For example, staff sometimes kneel on the ground to mix sugar or milk in teas or other drinks. The purpose of the maid cafés and their service is to make customers feel at home and relaxed. Although exemplary customer service is typical of Japan, maid cafés take special care to pamper their patrons. In some maid cafes you can pay extra for a maid to play a simple game with you or have your photo taken with them. Isnt that amazing? Many maid cafes restrict the length of time you can spend there without placing additional orders or paying to play games. There is definitely no sexual overtones about the whole situation. Awww!!! Hahaha, but dont be said dear otakus, there is always the photo opportunity with them right? Better than nothing! Haha. So for all the otakus out there that wants to experience a feeling of a lifetime, better look for a Maid Cafe near you, or if there were none, better yet to save money and go to Japan. Hahaha

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MrProfGenius said...

I like them so much~
if i have a chance to go to Akihabara, i'm really happy. ^^

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